Never put plastic in the microwave.

I can’t imagine life without plastic, there are too many ways it has bettered our lives for example, the health industry, but at the same time, I can’t help think about it’s negative impact on our health because it has permeated so many areas. If you look around, you will see plastic everywhere! I have been working towards eliminating it from my home as much as possible, especially in the kitchen. I took it for granted for too long. Have you?

I have something important to tell you: Plastic and microwaves don’t mix! Especially fatty foods in the microwave because plastic likes fat and when it is heated, the chemicals leach more quickly into the fat.  Don’t put any type of plastic in the microwave. “Microwaveable” and “Microwave Safe” only means it won’t melt or crack. There are no guarantees it won’t leach chemicals into your food when heated. The worst plastic is #3 PVC.  Some cling wrap contains PVC, it’s best to avoid all plastics with PVC, look for the #3 in the three-arrow recycling symbol. Only use glass or ceramic in the microwave. Never microwave food in margarine tubs, yogurt cups or other containers, such as styrofoam.

So many new foods are coming out in quick, easy and convenient packaging, ready to be microwaved and boasting “healthy”.  But they are in plastic containers or plastic bags!  You won’t find me purchasing these products  and I urge you to carefully consider your choices as well.


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  1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! We have very little plastic left in the kitchen and also gave the microwave the boot some years ago. Good job, Marg — I find it very satisfying to get back to basic and use simple materials in my kitchen. Love, Waveh

    • Getting rid of the microwave would be difficult! But I imagine if we adjusted how we did things when we got it, we can adjust back. I use mine a lot for defrosting. Was it hard at first?
      P.S. I think people forget styrofoam is a type of plastic, the worst type!

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