We woke up to freezing rain.  Several highways are closed and travel is not recommended.  Okay, us Manitobans are a hearty bunch, we are used to extreme cold and snow but we are not used to ice.  There are dozens of cars in the ditches around the city including tow trucks and sanding trucks.  Here’s a couple pictures of the road past the house and the highway.  The gravel road is a sheet of ice, I can’t even walk on it.  The highway isn’t much better.
Our electricity went out at 4:10 am and was off for several hours.  It came on around 6:40 am and was on long enough to get the coffee started and flush the toilet. 😉  It stayed off again for a couple hours.  Didn’t I just post about being prepared?  It’s important to keep things up to date, gas for the generator etc.  Just as hubby was firing up the generator, the power came back on.  He was going to go to work but decided against it, which I’m so thankful!  Middle son left for work, couldn’t stop, couldn’t go and managed to turn around (spin around?) and get his car back in the yard.  He’s staying put too.  Traffic is next to nothing.  You can see in the picture of the highway, there’s not a car in sight.  The odd car that goes by, goes at a crawl.
The goats have shelter.  I’m sure they are happy for the break in cold weather.  The chickens are indoors anyway so they don’t know the difference.  Hubby mentioned the deer this morning and how hard this weather will be on them.
It’s +3C and contines to drizzle. They are saying more rain tonight so we’ll see what kind of day we get tomorrow!  Interesting to say the least.




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