Seven odd and interesting things about me.

Wardeh tagged me on this one, so here you go!  I’m still learning how to operate this blog system so I don’t know if I tagged right.

1. I can eat a whole can of olives in one sitting.

2. I can’t remember the colour of things. If you were to ask me the colour of something by memory, I couldn’t tell you.  Unless I purposely made a mental note at the time.

3. I cry whenever I see someone else crying!

4. I love all things old fashioned or antique.

5. I have helped mama pigs birth their babies many times.

6. I graduated from a course in Advertising Art.

7. I’m a whistler


4 responses

  1. Marg,

    Wonderful list! I can’t believe you can eat that many olives! What are your favorite kind? I used to be a whistler, but not anymore.

    Very fun to read! Thanks for writing.

    Love, Wardeh

    • Wardeh, I like all kinds of olives! Black are my favorite, preferably pitted. 😉 I was watching ‘Emeril Green’ one day when he explained green olives were simply unripe black olives. I didn’t know that.

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