Trimming hooves

Clipping Cap's hooves

Clipping Cap's hooves

The goats are overdue for a hoof trimming. I’ve been doing it a few hooves at a time this week. 😉  When I have 24 hooves to do, it’s very tiring work!  The trimming itself isn’t tiring, it’s fighting with the goat to hold still. 😆  This picture is me and Cap. She was pretty well behaved except when the rest of the herd got out of the gate, following hubby.  She thought she was missing something and I struggled to get her to stay still.  14 hooves down, 10 to go. Like my hat? 😀


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    • I would, but I’m a little stiff from doing mine. 😉 There’s a story behind that hat. Just about everything I own for working around the farm is either ‘mens’ or ‘unisex’ style. My boys are notorious for ‘borrowing’ hats and mittens. So to keep them from borrowing my hat, I made sure it was too feminine. 😆

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