The chalkboard

We have a chalkboard on the top of our fridge for leaving messages to each other.  Usually it reads “Be home soon” or “Supper is in the crockpot”.  We haven’t left a note in a while and the other day it struck me to write a message to my family.  I didn’t expect a response so I’m leaving it for a while. 😉




4 responses

  1. Margret, How sweet. Was it the boys? I know they have grown up so much by now. We all need to know we are loved. Boys can be so manly in front of their friends but inside they are still momma’s baby.

    • Diana, actually one was hubby. But then my oldest came home and added his comment to the list too. 🙂 Yes, they are all growing so fast!

  2. We have had a whiteboard for the longest of time, it started out as just messages, but when I brought home a package of colored dry erase markers we started leaving pictures for each other, it was pretty neat some of the pics my daughter and husband came up with were pretty creative!

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