I’m back!

I’m back from the longest, most miserable week of sickness. 😕  I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!  It was mostly the flu and pneumonia but I’m sure I must have had symptoms from several other things at the same time.  I am just thankful to be on the mend finally.  This morning I’m having my first cup of coffee in a week!  I paused thoughtfully in front of the cupboard as I decided which coffee cup to use.  That is not normally a thought for me but because it had been so long, it seemed special.

Even though the boys pitched in when I was down, I’m convinced it’s not the same as having girls in the house!  I can’t complain too much, they did what was asked of them.  I’ll take this week to finish getting well and trying to get life (and the house) back to normal.  That basket of towels is still sitting exactly where it was put more than a week ago!


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