Spicy pickled eggs

hot pickled eggs

hot pickled eggs

My husband loves pickled hot peppers! He eats them almost daily. Usually he eats the ones I pickle from our own garden but that supply is long gone. Buying jars and jars of hot peppers leaves a lot of leftover pickle juice. Something else hubby loves is hard boiled eggs pickled in the leftover hot pepper juice. I use a 2-quart sealer, it holds about 14 eggs and 3-3 1/2 cups of pickle juice. It takes only a few days for the eggs to absorb the flavor. The longer they are left, the more pickled they will become. They make a delicious lunchbox treat.

Are there ways you use leftover pickle juice?

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  1. Wow! This is so creative! It is wonderful that you bless your husband by making this treat for him, and by being making the most of your purchases.

    Love, wardeh

  2. Well, over a year later, I’m back to this post to try these out. Our neighbor gave us a ton of eggs and this is what I thought of first! I only have leftover whey — do you think I could use that for pickling eggs? I think I’ll try it! Or perhaps whey in a salt brine.

    • I put them in the fridge right away. I haven’t worked with whey, let me know how they turn out. They are good pickled with dill and garlic too.

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