Spring trenching


Every spring arrives the annual trenching.  And this weekend was it!  We had some major melting going on.  Getting the water to flow is one of life’s greatest joys. 😆  It’s not a one-time event either, it needs regular attention until it’s all dried up.  There’s  a low spot on the driveway that needs trenching every spring.  Maybe one year we’ll dump some fresh gravel to alleviate the problem but then there would be no trenching to do and what’s the fun in that? 😀


3 responses

  1. 😀 Glad you can laugh about this! This makes me remember growing up in Montana. Our driveway was a mess through March and April. Ugh. Now my parents have a paved drive, now that we’re all gone! 😉

    I like how you wrote about it, Marg, and your positive outlook!

    Love, Wardeh

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