Tilling the garden


It’s just about time to plant the garden.  I had it tilled up a week ago but I did it one more time today to make sure the weeds can’t take hold before I get the seeds in.  My plans are to start planting this weekend if the weather is nice.  They are calling for rain later today and tomorrow.  My garden is 28’x68′. At one end I have 12′ of raspberries (3 rows) that’s not included in the 68′.   Seems to me my garden used to be bigger?  I guess they shrink over the years. 

I have chives coming in a different place, but I can’t wait until the garden is growing and we can eat fresh!


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  1. Hi Margret,

    I need to take some pics of my garden, it is about half in, I am getting ready to plant the rest of it this week. We are trying to ramp up how much we grow in hopes of putting up more of our food for the winter with running our own business we want to try to be as prepared as possible.

    Thought I would stop by and say hi!!

    • Nice to see you, Patty! Good luck with your garden. Doesn’t look like I’ll be planting this weekend. We got snow last night! 😮 Hopefully I can start planting this week. Our focus will be less on the garden this year and more on animals. I have chicks coming this week!

  2. Yeah, it’s great having a garden. We had one when we lived in California and it was great, but it was outgrowing the beds. You could barely walk through the rows of beds. Do you have any animals other than chickens and goats? We have 12 animals altogether now, including the Nubians’, which are three, the steer, and our eight goats. I think. 😀


    • Hi Naomi! So far only goats and chickens. The chicks I have coming, some of them are layers, some meat birds. I’m also getting turkey poults! This is the first time I will try raising turkeys. Hubby and I are talking about getting a yearling calf or two, once we have fencing done on the pasture.

  3. Oh Marg! I wish I could come see your garden. See you and your garden, for that matter!! :mrgreen:

    I’m going to bookmark your blog. 🙂 I stopped visiting most blogs last year, but I really like yours!

    I can’t find you on facebook. Could you add me if you are on there? Robin Broun. 🙂 Hugs!

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