The one we kept

Meet the little kitty that is bringing such joy to our lives.  She wasn’t in the picture of ‘free kitties’ because I knew she was the one we would keep. 😀  So far she is nameless… but we’re working on it.  She is all white with a grey tail and some grey on her back legs.  It looks like God forgot to give her a tail, then dug around in His box of spare parts and stuck a grey tail on a white cat! 😆 

All the other kitties found new homes!  The two males are barn cats just 2 miles from here (a noble cause!).  I don’t know what they named them.  The female on the far right in the picture below went to a little 5 yo girl as a long awaited gift from her mother.  She named her Lulu.  The other female calico went to a young couple, so excited to have her, they named her Abby.  🙂


9 responses

    • Those are very good names! Thank you, Naomi. We found a name for her and we think it suits her very well. “Pixie”. 😀

  1. ahhh she is soooo cute 🙂
    I really wish we could have kitties but my daughter is horribly allergic to them. It is a shame because like her Mama she love animals but so far the only critter we have been able to have that she is NOT allergic to is dogs.

    I love her name too!!!

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