Turkey tractor


Our turkeys have a new home.  We’ll have to make a couple more tractors and move them as the turkeys outgrow this one.  We figured 3 full-grown turkeys will fit per tractor.  Right now there are 9, 4-week olds in one.  We hope this will be a good way to raise turkeys (and chickens in the future).  They will eat less feed because they will be eating grass and weeds, and it will save on labour because I don’t have to shovel them out!  The plan is to move them every other day or so.  But I’ve never done this before so we’ll see how it goes!


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  1. Marg,
    Your turkey tractor is just beautiful! Is it heavy? When we were homesteading and had a chicken tractor, one of the highlights of my day was moving the chickens to a fresh patch of grass. They LOVED being moved and would immediately begin exploring their new patch of ground. Oh, happy, active birds are fun to watch. Wish I could pop over and move them for you sometime. 🙂

    • Hi Bethany, no it’s not heavy. We were going to put wheels on one end but I can drag it just fine. The long sides act as skids.

      Turkeys aren’t very smart. They didn’t go into the house part last night and were outside when it was raining this morning. We might have to put a roof on the whole thing. Will they figure out to go inside?

  2. Oh, how cool!!!!! Do you just pull the tractor to where you want it? With the turkey’s in it?

    That would be so cool if we had chickens. We will sometime. But I CAN’T wait!!!!

    Good luck!!!!


    P.S. Did you make the turkey tractor?

    • Thanks, Naomi! Yes we built it in about 4 or 5 hours. I drag the whole thing, turkeys and all to a new patch of grass everyday. 🙂

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