The barn roof





The north side of the barn got a new roof this weekend.  This is the side I keep the layers.  I especially like the porch my hubby and son built on for me.  🙂  It’s a place to keep the feed out of the rain and snow.  And it keeps rain off the door!

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  1. That is so nice, Marg! They really did a great job, and that porch will be really helpful. We’re about to update our barn. It is a pole barn, in good shape, but no sides. So we are going to finish it so the rain and mist don’t blow through it in the winter.

    • Thank you Wardeh! I don’t know if it’s a ‘porch’ but I didn’t know what else to call it. 😉 I hope your barn project goes well.

  2. Thank you Robin and Naomi! 😀
    We’ve had a few days of rain since we built it and it’s been so nice! I can feed my chickens and go in and out without getting drenched!

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