Picking saskatoons

The saskatoons are late this year and there’s not too many, at least around here.  They seem to be a fussy berry that needs perfect conditions to flourish.

In some states, I believe they are known as “June berries”?  Can anyone confirm that?  They are quite a bit smaller than blueberries but tastes similar and can be substituted in any blueberry recipe. 

They grow wild around our property. I only picked about a pint so far.  It was late and the mosquitoes were starting to get bad.  Anyway, I realized I was standing in poison ivy after I took the picture of the pail.

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  1. Hello! It looks like fun. 😀 Do you get poison Ivy. Hope not.

    I just looked up about the difference in names of the berries. I think they are called June Berries in different states. 😀

    Anyway, what do the berries taste like? What do you do with them?


    • Hi Naomi! Thankfully, I have never gotten poison ivy. My sons get it every year, though. Hopefully I didn’t get it this time. Have you ever had poison ivy?

      Thank you for looking that up. I think they are called June berries because they are ripe in June. Tells you how late they are this year!

      I have both blueberries and saskatoons in my fridge right now. Saskatoons taste like the smaller, more tart blueberries.

      We like to eat them fresh plain or with ice cream. I also use them in muffins or pancakes, stuff like that.


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