They’re done!!

chicken_fridgeI’m done the chickens! YAY! Aren’t they beautiful?  All standing at reverse attention.  The last batch are chillin’ in my extra fridge.  Tomorrow morning they join the others at freezer camp. What a BIG job, a tiring, back-aching job.  But I’m so thankful for having raised them and I’m thankful they turned out so well.  I know I’ll be thankful in the middle of winter when I’m baking one.  I forgot to count them but I’d guess 46. I started with 50 and lost a few.  Finished weight, most of them were over 4 lbs, even a couple 5 pounders, only one under 3 3/4 lbs.

Now we can take a break for a few weeks.  Next will be the turkeys.  That should be interesting.  I don’t have a pot vat big enough for scalding.  It might take two of me to lift it to the plucker.  How big do they make freezer bags?


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  1. Way to go, Marg. That was a big, big job. I have enjoyed following your progress and learning from you – because one of these days, we’ll be following right behind you. It must be nice to have that extra fridge. 🙂 Hope you figure out how to handle the turkeys. How many turkeys will you be processing?

    • Ya, the extra fridge is nice. It’s small but handy. I sell eggs so I use it for them as well.
      I have 9 turkeys. They should be ready by the end of September. They are already pretty big!
      I cooked another chicken for supper last night. Just plain roasted it. It was so good, makes me wonder why store bought tastes like it does! 😯 I’m making broth with the bones… can’t waste any of it! 😀

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