Turkeys moved again.


Since the chickens are done, the coop was empty so we cleaned it out and moved the turkeys in.  They are back to the building they started in.  The tractor was working really well but they were starting to outgrow it.  Besides that, we’re going on vacation for a few days and I want them closed in where they’ll be safe from coyotes.  It will also make chores easier for my son while we’re gone.  They will have access to the outdoors once we cover the yard so they can’t fly out. You can see they’re getting pretty big.  When we were carrying them to the coop, hubby guessed they are about 15 lbs now.  That’s a lot of muscle when you’re fighting a flapping, kicking turkey that doesn’t want to be picked up!  I have the scratches to prove it.  But they’re all moved in and settling down.


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