Turkey freedom!


Well, not complete freedom, but they now have access to the great outdoors.  We moved them from the turkey tractor to the coop before we left on vacation.  Now that we are back, we secured the pen around the coop so they can’t fly out. Since I haven’t raised turkeys before, I don’t know that they will fly out but have read they will.  How high can they jump/fly? Well, we put a net over anyway. They were so happy to stretch their (huge) wings, I didn’t want to find out the hard way!  You can just picture us trying to catch them.   Anyway, they are very happy turkeys, making happy turkey sounds.  I hope they are smart enough to go back inside when the sun goes down. I wouldn’t want them outside after dark with predators around.

Checking out the new neighbours

Checking out the new neighbours

The goats have never seen turkeys before. I wonder what they were thinking?

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  1. Auntie, so glad you are reading! Luv you lots!! Thank you for replying.
    By the way, the turkeys did NOT go in by themselves last night. I had to hand walk them in, one at a time. Hubby helped, making sure they didn’t go back out. Good thing there are only 9.

  2. Oh, sorry this is another comment, but just to tell you, our fence is a little less then 5 feet and the turkey’s fly up and over, but they do not balance very well on the fence.

    • Oh, thanks for letting me know that, Naomi! I’m glad we put the net over. I can imagine they don’t balance well, turkeys are not very graceful birds. 😆

      Ya, the goats’ interest was pretty funny. 🙂

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