Oatmeal Shower Sausage

oatmeal_sausageOkay, I know that title sounds weird, but what would you call it?

I was introduced to this simple concept by a good friend.  It’s a section of old pantihose, knotted on both ends and filled with oatmeal.  You use it in the shower, or in the bath on your skin to ease itch caused by dryness, poison ivy, hives or any other skin irritation.  Most of us know an oatmeal bath is soothing but this idea I thought was brilliant!  All the benefits of the oatmeal without the mess!  The sausage is for a one-time use.  You could empty out the hose and reuse it, but that would be very messy.  If you have lots of old hose or a place to get it, you can just toss it.  Once you get it wet, it becomes so smooth and silky! You’ll want to use it whether your skin is irritated or not!