Real. Simple.

I’m going to bore you with this week’s real food.  We’ve been eating from the garden.  As far as I’m concerned there is no better way to enjoy fresh garden produce except cooked simply or served raw.  Simple. This is how we generally eat.

Green Beans: The green beans are ready which means we’ve been enjoying them fresh as much as possible… baked, boil and fried!  I mean that literally.  Baked on the BBQ in tinfoil, boil on the stovetop, and fried with cream.  I might also include steamed and simmered in soup.

Cabbage: My most favourite way of having cabbage is creamed!!  All the better if I had Mrs. Penner’s cream (a lovely Mennonite woman that lives near my mom and has grass-fed dairy cows.).  It’s so good, I was wishing for more!  Slowly simmer chopped cabbage in a skillet until tender, then add cream and salt and pepper to taste.  Heat and serve.

Carrots: The carrots are just maturing so we’re enjoying steamed baby carrots.

Lettuce: we’re still enjoying lots of tossed salads with green onions, dill and some of those baby carrots.

Still to come: Tomatoes are starting to ripen. Cucumbers are blooming profusely!

This post is part of Tuesday Twister hosted by GNOWFGLINS


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  1. I would add to your title “Good.” This is they way I love to cook, Marg – and eat. 🙂 It all looks stunning. I am happy you get to enjoy God’s bounty! I’m sure the creamed cabbage would be wonderful with your friend’s cream. Maybe soon you’ll have your own cream? Thanks for participating in the Twister. Love, Wardeh

    • Millie, the creamed cabbage was so good, hubby and I were wishing for more. There was still some cream left in the pan so I ran out to the garden, picked a few beans and gently fried them in the leftover cream. So good! It wasn’t planned but sprang from the creamed cabbage we liked so much. LOL!

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