Trip to the honey farm

I went to my neighbors for some honey today.  I was lucky enough to catch them extracting!  I saw the honeycombs before and she explained the process to me.  The equipment looks serious but the process is very simple.  They spin the honey out.  I came home with 15 lbs but I think I’m going back for more in a couple weeks so I have enough for the winter. 

I’m debating how to store the raw honey.  If I store the big pail, when the honey crystallizes, it will be hard to get out.  The lady from the honey farm says she stores hers in small containers and freezes them. From what I understand, that stops the crystallization until it’s thawed. 

How much honey do you use and how do you store it?


One response

  1. How exciting – good timing! I only get 1 gallon at a time, and store it in the cupboard. If it crystallizes, then I just deal with it. 🙂 In the winter, it decrystallizes easily by putting the gallon jar by the fireplace. Otherwise, I might use a warm water bath to decrystallize it. I would probably do what your friend is suggesting, if I had the freezer space.

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