Cleaning up the chicken yard

Chicken yard cleaned up

Chicken yard cleaned up

I have an area penned off for the chickens so they can roam around outside without getting into my garden or vulnerable to preditors.  With only 11 hens and one rooster, the area was quickly becoming choked out with thistle.  It had gotten 5 feet high!  The chickens, of course loved it and found it to be the perfect place to hide their eggs, which I didn’t know about (I guess that is their point).  By the time I found the eggs, they were headed for the garbage… ewww!  We got to work clearing the thistle and other weeds that had taken the yard over.  It took a few hours spread over 2 days to finish.  We found a few more rotten eggs (time bombs) in the process.  We have a few big piles of weeds to burn or dispose of somehow. The chickens are very happy now because I had confined them indoors until the problem was solved.  And  I’m happy because no more wasted eggs.  Once the younger hens get big enough, in about a month, I’ll mix them with the other hens. Hopefully having 36 chickens outside will help keep the weeds down.

Chickens being chickens

Chickens being chickens


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  1. Well done!
    How old will your younger hens be when you let them out? I have 5 hens and a roo about 7 weeks old and am wondering when to start letting them out. Right now I open the run for them each morning and close it up each night but I’m planning to free range them during the daytime. They want to come out each morning now and I find myself shooing them back in the door.

    • Millie ~ my younger hens are 14 weeks already and I could be letting them out but I’d have to mix them with the older hens to do that and they are a little too small yet. I’m afraid they’d get picked on by the bigger hens.

      • Ah, that makes sense. I only have the little birds so I don’t have that concern. I worry about a hawk carrying them away or some such thing. I’m thinking maybe next week. Hopefully, they’ll go back to roost when they are supposed to and I don’t end up looking for chickens all over the yard (2 acres)!

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