I found my recipe!

recipesI’ve been hunting for my chokecherry wine recipe. All the recipes I was looking at called for wine yeast, a campden tablet, tannin and/or pectic enzyme.  I wanted to make it the old fashioned way and I had done it that way before but a long time ago.  I was looking through my recipe pile for something else when I found this page, ripped from it’s original book.  YAY! You can click on it to enlarge. Well used, huh?  I found the rest of the book as well, without its cover.  My apologies to anyone interested in the Potato Wine recipe.

I’ll start making chokecherry wine tomorrow.

4 responses

  1. Homemade wine sounds like a fun project. When I was a girl one of the neighbors used to bring over dandelion wine for my grandpa. I don’t remember him ever drinking it but I’ve always thought that was interesting. She also made dandelion jam. That was good.

    • Sounds like you have some fond memories. 🙂 I’ve made dandelion wine once. It was good, it called for lemons and oranges so it tasted kinda citrusy.

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