Sourdough starter


I’ve been doing some reading about making your own sourdough starter so I decided to give it a try.  I have no idea if it will work and it just may fail miserably… but I’m trying.

I mixed 2 cups of warm water with 4 Tbsp. raw local honey and 1 cup local whole wheat organic flour.  Mixed it well and put it in a quart sealer and covered it with cheesecloth.  I’m keeping it warm, 21-27C (70-80F).   It’s suppose to take just a few days to start bubbling.

Have you made your own starter before?  Do you have any hints or tips for me?  Hopefully I haven’t got it all wrong! 😆  But tell me if I do.

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  1. I am having good results with my sourdough starter. I’ve been using it about 10 weeks now. The way I did it this time was a little different than your version but I’ve done something like the one you are doing before. It should smell a little like beer when it is done besides for being bubbly. I started mine in a quart jar and it bubbled out of it so mine is in a half gallon jar now.

  2. Marg, your bread looks so fantastic. I’ve tried to make a sourdough starter and it went along fine until about the 6th day, then it up and died, so I threw it out.

    I had read that all the bubbling being done for the first seven days is bacteria and not yeast. It takes about a week for the yeast to consume all the bacteria and then it becomes true wild yeast, fit for a starter.

    However, I wondered if I had used mine when it was bubbling, if it would have risen my dough. Have you tried baking with it before the first week? If so maybe I’ll try again. I would like to get away from commercial yeast as it is supposed to be bad for us.

    • Marly, thank you for sharing your experience with sourdough. The bubbles in mine seem to get bigger the warmer it is. It appears to be most active if I can keep it close to 80 degrees. I haven’t baked with it yet as it’s only been 3 days. So the bread you see is made with traditional yeast. With what you tell me about bacteria vs yeast, I’m going to wait until the 7th or 8th day to try baking with it. Thanks! Wish me luck!

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