Bread and tomatoes

Bread: This week I made bread and buns.  I used to make it all the time a few years ago when I was involved in the local Farmers Market. I used the same recipe but I tried soaking the flour a day ahead but I could only soak about 1/3 of the recipe as the rest I had to work in dry. Not sure how I’m going to overcome that problem. 

Sourdough Starter: I also tried making sourdough starter this week.  I think it might have worked?!  It was a really warm windy day and I set it outside. By the end of the day, it was all bubbly. 🙂  I had to put it in a larger jar.

Gazpacho: I used a recipe at but modified it a bit to suit what I had.  When we went to Spain we had gazpacho and I loved it!  My attempt at it didn’t quite taste like what we had there but it was still good.  I tried to make it smooth but turned out more like a smoothy than a soup.  Still tasted good.  It’s a good food to put in hubby’s lunchbox.

Shrimp Pasta Sauce:  This is a dish I created based on pasta dishes we would have in Italy.  Saute chopped onion in coconut oil, add sliced mushrooms, lots of minced garlic and lots basil.  When the mushrooms are just about done, add chopped tomatoes and shrimp.  Heat and serve over whole wheat pasta.  You can substitute the shrimp for any seafood.

Chokecherry Wine: Not pictured but I started a batch of chokecherry wine.  Not sure how “real” this is as I used sugar, but I did use an old fashioned recipe, the way grandpa would have made it.  Doesn’t the fermentation eat up the sugar?

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  1. Great blog!

    I saw your comment on Millie’s blog. I have extra SCOBYs all the time for making kombucha. And I just successfully sent one to someone via USPS. Yeah!! 🙂
    If you ever want me to send you one, please let me know. It costed $5 total for shipping, and that is all I would ask to be reimbursed.

    I agree with Ren, your sourdough looks awesome! Is it 100% whole wheat? I haven’t managed that yet. I still do half white and half freshly ground wheat berries.


  2. My grandma always made homemade wine… great memories. 🙂 She made cherry, gooseberry, blackberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and probably others I’m forgetting now. Her homemade wine was the highlight of our Christmas celebrations. Good luck with yours.

  3. Ren ~ can you tell me what you mean by ‘stunned’? Do you mean the fermentation stops too early? Any tips on how to keep that from happening?

    Sarah ~ thank you for the offer to send SCOBY. I’m in Canada, I don’t know if it would get through the border? The bread I made this week is not sourdough as I just made the starter this week as well. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m hoping to make sourdough bread soon!

    Jen ~ Wow, your grandma must have been very good at making wine, that comes with practice. I hope mine turns out as well.

  4. Marg, I enjoyed reading about the dishes you ate in Italy and Spain, and how you’re trying to recreate them. I would agree with Ren about the yeast taking care of the sugar – but I don’t know what stunned means either. 🙂 And I would have asked the same question!

    Thanks for participating in the Tuesday Twister! Love, Wardeh

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