Garden update

My pumpkin and squash vines spread like crazy!  Snooping through today I see there are LOTS of little pumpkins!  Those big leaves sure do hide them well. I don’t know if they will all ripen in time but it would be nice to get a few.  There aren’t as many butternut squashes as pumpkins but again, I’m hoping for a few.

The cucumbers are finally starting to produce.  I’ve picked a few for making pickles, they wait in the fridge until I have enough to do a recipe.  I’ve sliced some for eating as well.  The plants look a little yellow from all the rain we got last month.

Tomatoes are coming steady.  We’re really enjoying them.  Nothing like a homegrown tomato.  I’ll can up some for the winter and make sauce.

The lettuce has bolted, it’s finished.  I still cut some for the goats, chickens and turkeys.  They don’t care if it’s bitter. The green beans are about done too.  I might find a few more out there but probably not enough for a meal.  The cabbage has all been picked.  The broccoli is still giving side shoots.

That’s about all there is to tell about the garden.

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