Too many barnswallows!

Barn swallows

Barn swallows

Nest in the woodshed

Nest in the woodshed

Word must have got around in the barn swallow community about our farm because we have more this year than I can ever remember!  I counted 3 nests a few months ago.  I knocked one down that was being started inside the goat barn.  Once the babies flew the nest, I knocked down the one in the wood shed.  I thought that would be the end of it but a few weeks ago my son pointed out a NEW nest inside the shed marked for demolition with MORE babies in it.  Do barn swallows have more than one round of babies?  Usually if I knock the nests down, they don’t swoop at you as much because they aren’t protecting a nest (I would guess).  I didn’t expect them to build another nest!  It’s almost dangerous crossing the yard now.  One day I counted as many as 35 birds.  I’m torn between knocking down the nests so they leave and just leaving them alone because I hear they eat mosquitoes and there are LOTS of them right now.

What would you do?


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