Crabapples galore!


CrabapplesMy crabapple tree usually produces well but not like this!  This is an exceptional year.  The branches are hanging right down to the ground. Poor tree. I’m going to try making crabapple wine, the same recipe I use for chokecherry wine, and applesauce that I will turn into fruit leather. I’ll check my jelly supply and will make some if I need any. The apples are small and tart, the size of cherries, so I’m not going to be peeling and coring.  😯  I’ve let a few people know I have extra if they can use any.  Any other ideas of what I can do with these crabapples?


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  1. Crabapples: what fun. I just planted a crabapple tree this year and may be looking for recipes several years from now. Crapapple wine sounds wonderful.

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my fermented pickle post.

  2. One of my blog friends who is also a real life friend brought us a jar of spiced crab apples. She just left the little things whole and put a spicy sauce on them and canned them. They are delicious. If you are interested I’ll direct her this way.
    What zone are you there? I’m impressed with all that you grow.

    • Millie, you reminded me of spicy crabapples my mom used to can. Thanks!

      I’m in zone 3b. Normally we would have had our first frost around now but the weather has been so nice, it doesn’t look like it will happen this week. Which is nice because I can space out picking stuff and not have to do it all the day before they forecast frost that night. 😀

  3. Hi Marg, My neighbor on the farm used to make apple juice with her crabs. I know it was easy because she was a busy lady. Must be a recipe on the net somewhere!!
    Aunt B.

  4. Our Grandparents that we just visited have a crabapple tree! 😀 We were snacking on them any time we passed. But they weren’t quite ripe.


  5. I live in Southern Maine, was walking my dog this morning and came across a crab apple tree bent low with apples. More than I had ever seen on this tree. So I’ve been googling around to find something to make with them. Jams/jellies/wine/juice/pickles/spiced rings. None of them tickle my fancy. I carved a jack o’ lantern face on one. Maybe it will dry out and shrink like apple faces do.

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