First frost

We had our first frost last night.  It came so suddenly! Two days ago it was 27C.  This is when we usually experience a frost but September was so warm it felt like summer was going to go on and on.  Sunday the weather took a sudden turn to ‘seasonal norms’ and the rest of this week is looking the same.  Now I expect the leaves will be turning soon.  Of course a forecast of frost sends me out to my garden to save anything growing above ground.  garden_bountyThis is picture shows the result.  I can pace myself with canning as long as the veggies are in the garden, now I have to take care of them all right away.  It’s not too bad, really.  First the reddest tomatoes and the cucumbers, while the green tomatoes ripen.  I can make a few quarts of dill pickles and I will can most of the tomatoes.  The peppers didn’t do very well because most of the summer was too cool and they like heat, but I think I have enough to make some salsa.  Also pictured is more green beans and a small head of cabbage.  What you don’t see is me contending with all the fruitflies. ugh.  I wasn’t sure if the butternut squash could tolerate a frost?  So I picked them just in case.  It was the first time I grew them, and I’m really looking forward to having them! Yum! 

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