Autumn weekend

It’s been a busy weekend with autumn activities.  I picked all my pumpkins.  Can you guess how many I got from just 1 plant?? Okay, well the picture kinda gives it away. I’ll save you trying to count them and tell you – I got 66 pumpkins from 1 plant!!  We moved them into the basement and they’ll continue to ripen there.  You can see the pumpkin vine in the background, it was hit by a frost last week. We might be like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book – The Long Winter, except instead of potatoes, we’ll be eating pumpkin. 😉  I’ll share any good recipes I find.  At least they are the smaller ‘pie’ pumpkins.

We finally burned the piles of weeds in the chicken yard.  There were moments when that was a bit scary!  But we were standing by with the garden hose.  The chickens seemed unphased by the fact that there was fire so close to them.

Hubby cleaned the chimney on the house.  It’s been cool enough to start a fire in the woodstove (our only source of heat for the house).  He started a fire last night just to smoke us out! LOL!  So that was an important task today.

We’ve also been cleaning up the mess from tearing down the shop.  Hubby has made a trip to the dump to empty the trailer.  There will be a few more trips yet.  Some of the garbage wood we plan to burn.

The smell of smoke, the sound of Canada geese flying overhead, the crispness in the air, and all the activities this weekend,  it definitely feels like autumn.


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