Fall on the farm

It looks and feels like fall now.  That came upon us really fast!  Unseasonably warm weather for the month of September then BAM autumn hits.  It’s been so cold and windy, I’m sure winter isn’t far behind.

The garden has been put to bed for the winter.  I got everything pulled up, and rototilled. I spread compost and manure on it but haven’t been able to work it up again.  I’m hopeful that we’ll get a chance before snow comes.

The leaves are all turning!  Mostly yellows but a few reds and still some green.  In about a week’s time it will all be gone and on the ground.  The fall colours don’t last long around here. 😦

The geese are flying overhead daily and the other birds are flocking, a sure sign of fall.  There was a flock of robins in the yard today.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flock of robins before.

This weekend is Thanksgiving.  We’re having the moms here on Sunday for turkey dinner, our turkey. Pumpkin pie, squash and carrots from the garden.

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  1. Hi Marg, We used to have robins flock into our back yard when we were in the house. I always knew it was fall when that happened! It is very cold here and has been snowing since yesterday. A very abrupt start to winter!! Give your Mom a hug for me. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Luv Aunt B.

    • I will give mom a hug from you! Hopefully the weather will be good so she can come! Your snow has come to us. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
      ~Luv Marg

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