Snow on the farm

What a difference a day makes. That was the shortest Fall I can remember!  We had our first frost September 28th, followed by precisely 11 days of autumn, now we have snow. 😦  I don’t know if this will stay, the temperatures are staying well above freezing for the next 2 weeks but there’s so much snow that I just don’t know if it will all melt. If it doesn’t this is going to be one long winter!

You can see we didn’t get the yard cleaned up.  Things will have to be swept off and put away.  It will still be done, just not as easily.  Who thought we’d get this much snow on the 10th of October?!  All the leaves haven’t even fallen yet.

There IS something magical about the first snow.  It seems to put a hush on the whole world.


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  1. Wow! Snow already!! Good thing you worked so hard to clean out the garden! You really did quite a bit of work the past couple of week. I’ll pray you get a warm sunny week to finish up!! Have a nice weekend…take lots of pretty pic…snow on red leaves would like amazing! Love, Karen

  2. Ah Marg, I’m with you. The snow if beautiful but so soon. We had another inch or so last night and it is a crisp 13 degrees right now. At least the wind isn’t blowing at the moment.

  3. Karen ~ I’m feeling very happy about getting the garden cleaned out! Even though I didn’t get the manure tilled in, I got it spread.

    The snow has melted a LOT today. Hooray! The sun peeked out a few times and that really made a difference.

    Millie ~ I hope your snow melts too. Funny about living on the prairie, you notice the days the wind DOESN’T blow. LOL

    I forgot to tell you about the 20 car pile-up hubby and the boys passed coming home last night. It was on the bridge. A gasoline tanker jackknifed. Thankfully it was on the bridge going the opposite direction of my family.


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