Thanksgiving turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!  We had our big family dinner yesterday but today is Thanksgiving Day.  We raised turkeys for the first time this year.  I asked advice from a friend locally but most of the information I got was from a book, including butchering time.  October 9th made the turkeys 20 weeks old and just in time for Thanksgiving.   I thought this would work out really well, we could have a fresh turkey for dinner.  Since this is our first year raising them, we really couldn’t judge how big they will be once dressed. 


Were we in for a surprise!  The turkey dressed out at 24 lbs!  It bearly fit in grandma’s roaster.  I could not get the lid on and had to cover it with tinfoil.  But oh boy, was it good!  We’ll be eating well from this one turkey. 🙂 


We have several other turkeys yet to be butchered.  We realize they are only going to get bigger!  So we plan to do all of them next weekend.  We have friends that offered to come help. 🙂


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  1. Hi, We used to buy turkey and chicken from a neighbor. Our kids used to call store bought ones artificial turkeys ( I think they meant eviscerated) but somehow it is an accurate discription, after tasting a home grown one. Beautiful bird!!

    • Just 7 of us on Thanksgiving Day. 5 the day after. We were laughing at the size of it! Leftovers are great! The guys can take sandwiches for lunch all week too. Good thing we like turkey.

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