Tuesday Twister

I still have a few tomatoes ripening.  We’re enjoying them in a variety of ways.  This past weekend was Thanksgiving, so turkey was on the menu and lots of fresh vegetables from the garden. Here’s a few real foods that have been twisting in my kitchen this past week.

Cultured Salsa – I found the recipe over at The Nourishing Gourmet.  I’m waiting for it to ferment.  How long does it take?  It tastes pretty good already.

Marinated Tomatoes – I love tomatoes!  Found this heart-shaped tomato in my garden. 

Thanksgiving dinner – Yesterday was Thanksgiving, we had a big turkey dinner on Sunday with the family.  This is our own homegrown turkey.  It didn’t present well mostly because I forgot to tie the legs together and I had to cover it with tinfoil because the lid wouldn’t fit over the giant bird.  It dressed out at 24lbs!  It still tasted wonderful!  The gravy was to die for!  Fresh, free ranged turkey beats store bought.  We also had potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, and tomatoes from the garden.

Deviled eggs – I thought it was neat to cut this egg and find a double yolk.  So I had to show you. 😀  Double yolks can be quite common in eggs from hens just beginning to lay.

This post is part of Tuesday Twister hosted by GNOWFGLINS.com


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