Fay the goat



Fay was giving me some concerns for the past 5 days or so.  I noticed she was doing a lot of mouth movements the first day.  I thought she might be chewing her cud.  The next day the movements were more exaggerated and there was a lot more licking.  She was off her food that day but she was still drinking.  The third day I tried feeding her, she’d take a bit of sweet feed, roll it around in her mouth and then shake her head.  She wouldn’t take anymore.  I am convinced something was wrong with her mouth.  If it was her throat or stomach(s) she wouldn’t be drinking, right? She was interested in food so she was obviously hungry. I tried giving her cooked oatmeal with a little molasses.  I thought she might take it because it’s soft.  She licked it a bit but didn’t want any more than that.  By yesterday I was really getting concerned!  I tried looking in her mouth a few times.  Not an easy task, I can tell you!  I couldn’t see or feel anything. I was beginning to think I might need to get my family in on this, hold her down and really get a good look inside her mouth. 

It doesn’t look like any of that is going to be necessary because she’s doing so much better today!  No licking and she’s eating again!  If you asked me what I thought it was, I would say it was probably a sliver and it worked itself out, like slivers usually do.

As a side note, I got Fay from a neighbour and never really knew how old she was.  Looking inside her mouth and seeing her teeth, I think she’s a lot older than I thought!  Or maybe time flies quicker than I think…  probably the latter.


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