More winter prep

It’s been an exceptionally nice October 31st but there’s still so much to do before snow comes.  Some years we’ve had a snowstorm on this day! Today I worked on cleaning out the goats. (finally!)  I think it got overlooked last year because Oy! what a  job it was!  I thought I’d be working until sunset but it really wasn’t that bad, only a couple hours.  My back is feeling it, though ~ 12 wheelbarrows full!  But it’s looking good.  The goats are acting like their salt block is new…??  It’s always been there.  I moved it outside while I worked and they were all licking it.  They also kept sneaking out of the gate.  Too many times I was shooing them back in, I had to get my son to man the gate for me.  Such trouble-makers they are! 😉

I’m feeling good… this is the kind of work that is very satisfying for me. There’s a couple more things I want to do but I know the goats will be able to bed down and be warm.

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    • Did you see the “related posts” for this day?! If it’s the same everytime, I don’t know but one of them is “Mama has a huge behind”! 😆 There were a couple pics of me that I didn’t post, because it showed my huge behind! I’m not eating the leftover candy, better to be working it off. 🙂

  1. That’s so great you got that done! Since the goats are in a new barn we had to move all the hay from old one that’s gotten spilled over time, moved into the new barn. We wouldn’t just want to waste all that! ;D We took about the same number of wheelbarrow fulls in each of the of our stalls. The stalls are really big, our garage divided in thirds. 😀 But us kids traded off working so it was a lot easier that way.


    P.S. Hope’s really cute!!!

  2. You are a busy lady! I admire you for what you do-especially the cleaning the turkey thing. ugh! I remember us doing our chickens. And the smell when they are dunked in that boiling hot water. Whew!

    • I know that smell you are talking about. The first time I cleaned chickens, I had that smell in my nose for days! I couldn’t eat a chicken for a long time. Now I’m used to it and it doesn’t bother me. 🙂

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