Winter has arrived.

We usually get snow by the first week of November.  This year it didn’t come until December! (Not counting the snowfall we got Oct. 10th which melted ~obviously~ LOL)  If you ask anyone that lives here, they will tell you that they don’t mind one bit. 

We had a skiff of snow over the weekend, just enough to show some white.  I would have been happy if that was all we got until after the new year, but over night we got a blanket of snow, as you can tell by the bare gravel from where my son parks his car, and under my van you can see bare gravel too.  It continued to snow lightly all day….  makes we want to plug in my Christmas lights…. 😀

I turned up the heat in the chickens and put down more straw for the goats. This snow is here to stay.


3 responses

    • Millie ~ -3F? That’s -19C. Sounds much colder, huh? Our overnight temps have not gone that low yet. -11C (12F) last night. Brrrr… is right!

  1. We got some frost this morning, it was 24F. I’m so glad I didn’t have to do milking, me and Haniya got to do dishes, warm soapy water! 😀


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