Christmas tree is up

We live near a Christmas tree farm, we’ve been getting our tree there the past several years.  Some years we walk over and carry the tree back but this year it was just too cold.  We drove.

Do you have your Christmas tree up?  I don’t do a lot of decorating because my house is too small and decorations just add clutter.  At the base of the tree you can see a lit Santa.  This is a quirky little guy I got from an elderly relative.  He’s really not very attractive but has become part of a tradition to have him sitting under the tree. 

Yes, the tree is in front of the door. lol  We don’t use the front door at all.  It’s an emergency exit only.  I mentioned my house is small, but it is sufficient. 🙂


I also have a nativity (also called a creche)  sitting under the tree.  My dad built the stable for me and I bought little plastic figures.  Of course there are chickens and goats watching over baby Jesus. 😀  It’s not expensive and certainly not fancy, but neither was the birth of Jesus, right?


5 responses

  1. Oh, I really like the Nativity scene! 😀 The little ‘loft’ for the chickens is really creative. I don’t have any room to put up my nativity scene because my bookcase is full of aquariums! No room avaliable. The bookcase has become a hotel. LOL


  2. Hi Marg, Your tree is beautiful!! We used to have a real tree but those days are past. Room is to small! Does the tree have a smell? The last ones we had were cut so early the smell was gone. My tree has two angels sitting at the base. Hugs!

  3. We put up our tree on Saturday. It smells wonderful. I don’t think there are any Christmas tree farms here so we picked this up in town. In Oregon, we would go and cut our own. But this works too 🙂
    I didn’t notice the chickens in the Nativity until Naomi pointed them out. I haven’t seen a Nativity like that before.
    We can’t put anything under the tree because wee little hands would pick it up and carry it off. lol.

  4. your tree is beautiful! I jsut got my nativity scene and snowmen out last night. Got the stockings hung, need to get one for sil.
    I love your nativity with the stable, that is cute!
    Patty H.

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