Muesli, egg salad and kefir

Muesli – I tried making muesli this week.  I added raisins, walnuts, cinnamon and soaked it overnight.  I ate several spoonfuls but couldn’t finish it. 😦  I had to cook it.  Guess it’s not my thing.  We all ate the porridge, though.

Eggs – We eat a lot of eggs.  Scrambled, fried, poached, hard boiled, pickled.  Hubby takes sandwiches to work for his lunch so I made him some egg salad.  I mixed in my homemade sandwich spread, salt and pepper and a little Herbamare.  If it was just for me, I’d also mix in some chopped onion. 😀

Kefir – Life got busy at the end of November so the kefir got neglected.  I’ve started it up again and am enjoying a glass each morning.  I’m using the powder, not the grains (at this time).  The little bit of kefir that was left in the fridge for several weeks smelled like sourdough starter!  It was a good yeasty smell but not bubbly.  I threw it out. I was wondering if I could have used it in baking or something?

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  1. Your chickens must be producing. Do you do anything special in the winter with lights to keep their production up or are you just blessed? 😉 I am sorry you didn’t enjoy the muesli – but I think its great that you cooked it an enjoyed it that way! I think you could have used that kefir as the acid in soaking grains. Thanks for sharing your week in the Twister, Marg!

    • Yes, I keep my hens laying with a light on a timer. I give them a rest in the fall! I do allow them time to moult. My customers don’t like it much. I guess they think they should have eggs whenever they want.

      Credit for trying raw oatmeal?? 😀 Unless I did something wrong…?

  2. How do you pickle your eggs? I’ve thought about trying that. We eat a lot of eggs also. We buy ours from a farmer. But someday I Hope they come from our own backyard! 🙂

        • Yes, well, a bit more than a hairline crack. I suppose, a hairline. lol. One good solid crack. The key is to not boil them too hard or else the eggs gets forced out of the shell. Let me know if it works for you.

          Millie, I really don’t know why your hens are still laying! Could be because it is their first year? They are more exuberant. You might find it is different next winter. It doesn’t hurt them to lay in the winter, as long as you allow them time to moult. They MUST have their rest.

          The eggs will be larger next season! Because my hens are allowed to lay year after year, the eggs get to be JUMBO. 😀 The commercial hens are rotated every year so their eggs don’t get that big.

  3. Marg,
    I used to love non-TF musli, where it is just oats, fruit, and nuts together (kind of like raw granola), I would have it with kefir.

    Maybe you could soak and dehydrate your oats and mix it with dried fruit and crispy nuts and have it like a cold cereal instead?

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