Catching up

Christmas holidays are over and the new year is here.  I hope everyone is recovering from all the festivities!  Life is getting back to normal, somewhat. 

Our delivery of firewood finally came.  Not the 8 cords we ordered but 6 will do for now.  We didn’t have much left and were starting to scramble.  Thankfully he delivered.  Here’s hubby and our youngest son cutting the 8 foot logs into stove lengths.  It still has to be split.

Cutting firewood

The animals are doing fine inspite of the cold weather.  We’ve had some really cold days.  The water in the barn froze a few times this winter.  I was using my hairdryer to thaw it.  It doesn’t normally freeze but I think it did this winter because there is a lack of snow that helps insolate.  They say we’re in for a warm spell!  A few days of mild temps are coming our way.

My dishwasher died this week.  I washed dishes by hand for 20 yrs.  The first year I was involved with the Farmers Market, I used the money I earned to buy myself a dishwasher.  🙂  That was only 5 or 6 yrs ago.  Shouldn’t dishwashers last longer than that?  I thought I’d be way behind without a dishwasher but so far it hasn’t been too bad.  I’m managing to stay on top of it.  But ask me again an a week or two, my story might change. 😉

I’m thinking about starting a knitting project.  I took apart an old sweater I made for hubby years ago so I have several balls of bulky 100% wool.  I have scarves enough.  I was thinking of a vest?  Any other ideas?

I hope you are doing well in the winter months.  Keeping busy and productive.  May God bless your family with good health and happiness this coming year.


4 responses

  1. Our animals have some really heavy duty winter coats! The Nigerians’ coats are thicker than the Nubians’. But the Nubians have shorter hair. That’s probably why.


  2. Yes, I think dishwashers should last longer!! Ours was in the house when we bought it in 2001. It still works perfectly! Who knows how old it REALLY is. I am so sorry yours broke. I pray God provides here for you.

    I love seeing all that wood and thinking of the cozy warmth it will bring.

    How about snow hats or mittens with the wool?

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