Welcome Sammy!

Meet Sammy.  The newest addition to our family.  He was my mom’s cat and now he lives here!  He’s actually Uncle to our cat, Pixie.

He arrived yesterday and today is his first full day with us.  HE’S doing fine.  Pixie, however is a little stressed out.  She keeps hissing and growling at him.  Sammy doesn’t react except to hide.  Do cats shed more when they are stressed?  Because, oh boy, have we got cat hair!  It’s never been like this before!

We haven’t introduced the dogs yet.  We’re going to take it slow.  My dogs are used to cats so it’s not a huge concern.  I know things will all work out, it just needs enough time.  🙂


7 responses

  1. Give him a royal welcome! You know….shinning banners, trumpets, a huge platter of whatever cats like to eat most, and a big three foot long ball of yarn. 😀

  2. Sammy has the sweetest face. I think they do shed when stressed, but that will probably stop after a while. How is he coming along in his new home?
    We have two neutered male cats who are just the biggest babies. Emphasis on the word “biggest” lol they are huge.

  3. LOL, Naomi! We gave him as royal a welcome as we knew how!

    Sylvia, the shedding has calmed down a little. The two cats are getting along now. No more hissing. Sammy is settling in just fine. 🙂 He’s ‘met’ the dogs… doesn’t care much for them… but all are being cordial. Lucy, our biggest dog is curious about the new cat. Buddy really couldn’t care less that there is another cat in the house LOL!

    Sammy is a very sweet cat. I can see why Mom loved him so much.


  4. Oh yes, they’ll shed a lot more when they’re stressed – when we moved our cats across the country by plane, there was enough extra fur in the carriers to build several more felines. Ditto for vet trips!

    Your kitties are beautiful! 🙂

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