March weather

We’ve been having a variety of weather.  Some hoarfrost, that was so pretty!  Then we had 3 or 4 days of fog, that was weird.  Now the fog has lifted and it is absolutely beautiful!  The sun is shining and it’s +10C! It feels like spring today! The snow has been melting fast.  I’m cautiously optomistic about this being spring because March can be very fickle.  I opened up the barn and let the chickens out, first time since last fall.

I wanted to let you know the cats are getting along just fine.  🙂  Now I’m going outside to enjoy the day!  I have some apples shrivelling in the fridge that I will take to the goats.

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  1. I didn’t think we would get any snow this year. It’s usually in December. But I guess ‘March’ had something else planned for us! 😉 I like it when it snows enough to sled, but then goes away pretty quick. We got 3 feet the first winter we got here, and it stayed around WAY too long. We got our fill of sledding that year! 🙂


    P.S. I like the picture with the cats at the window!

  2. Marg, I love the picture of that tree! Just beautiful. So glad the cats are getting along well.
    We’ve had some nice weather this past week but I’m sure it will snow again before it’s all over.

  3. Naomi ~ that’s a lot of snow! Since it was your first winter there, did you know it wasn’t normal?

    Patty ~ I was looking at my posts last March. We were melting then had 2 days of blizzard before the end of the month. So I know it can happen!

  4. I have to agree that the trees were unusually beautiful this winter. I could hardly go for a drive cus I was looking at the hoar frost. I did not even mind the cold because of the beauty!!

  5. What a lovely blog you have! I will definitely be back. We are Canadians who have been living in Washington state for the past three years. We’re looking ahead to retirement….on the Canadian prairie!

    • Thank you! Nice to meet you! We’re looking ahead to retirement too. We have a few years to go but still looking forward to it already. We’ll be staying put. 😉

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