The pig pen

Pig pen under construction

One of the projects we’ve been working on is revamping the pig pen in the barn.  This space was used for pigs about 10 years ago but not since.  It became a storage area.  We are converting 2 pens into one, pulling up the wood floor and replacing it with concrete and making it so the pigs can go outside.  The door was pre-existing as a loading door, so we’d like to still be able to keep it for loading/unloading pigs from the trailer but also allow them to access the outside through the same door.  Well, that’s our idea to make it dual purpose.  We’ll see if it works. 🙂  I like to keep areas around the farm ‘multi-purpose’, so if we want to use this pen for a different animal, it wouldn’t involve reconstruction.

We’ve been wanting to do this project for a few years.  I’d really like to get it done in time to get a couple pigs this spring, but we’ll see how it goes.  With all the other projects, there’s lots to do.  At least we got a start!


5 responses

  1. It sounds really cool! Will you be getting piglets or full-grown pigs? Boys or girls?

    I’m really curious! 😀 Do you have any specific reason in mind for getting pigs?


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