The garden is planted!

That picture just looks like a lot of dirt and some weeds. 😀  I planted the seeds a week ago and things are actually starting to come up!  The last frost date for our area is May 31st but the long range forecast for this week is looking warm and rainy so I decided to go ahead and put the bedding plants in yesterday.

The seeds I planted: green beans, radishes, beets, lettuce, carrots, peas, swiss chard, rutabagas, onions, kohlrabi, zucchini and cucumbers.  The bedding plants: tomatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, green peppers, and jalapenos.

I planted a few flowers near the house too.  Petunias and marigolds. 🙂

3 responses

  1. Oh, YUM! You’re making my stomach growl. 😛 😉 I looove tomatoes, not to mention almost everything else on those lists!

    Back when we lived in California we had a big garden. It was so awesome! We had 6 or 7 raised beds with a ton of different fruits and vegetables! We also planted marigolds and zinnias. 🙂 It was wonderful.

    We kids used to go outside to pick “dinner” for Mom! (Though, in reality, only half of what we ever picked made its way into the house. :lol:)

    My aunt drives by the old house once in a while and tells me that the garden is a bunch of weeds. 😦 Oh well.


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