Visit to the Village Museum

Yesterday hubby and I went to the Village Museum for ‘Spring on the Farm’. We hadn’t been there in a few years so it was a lot of fun! We dressed in our pioneer costumes.

They had quite a few demonstrations; cream separating, which hubby got involved in, butter churning, weaving on a loom, spinning wool. The saw mill was running, that was hubby’s favourite thing. I liked the petting farm. They had lots of goats! 😀 The potbellied pig was so cute. She kept scratching on the fence. There was a 3-day old foal. It looked so funny with it’s long gangly legs, it was very wobbly on its feet. There were also geese, ducks, chickens, llamas, a donkey, turkey, rabbits, sheep, a puppy and a newborn calf.

I loved the gardens! The rhubarb was HUGE and there was lots of it! They make rhubarb platz and serve it in the restaurant. We enjoyed a nice faspa there with soup, a slice of bread made from stone ground flour, a piece of cheese, coffee and a piece of rhubarb platz.

There was a tractor display and parade down Main Street. We walked around for 4 ½ hours and enjoyed it very much! It rained off and on but for the most part we stayed dry. It was cool and I was wishing I had brought my shawl. No one seemed to pay much attention to us in our costumes, I guess we fit right in. Except the volunteers would ask us where we were volunteering. 😆 We HAVE volunteered at this museum in the past but not this time. :D.

It was a very enjoyable day!


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  1. It sounds really fun, Marg! 🙂 We had a black pig visit our house a couple times. We would just walk down the porch steps and there he would be! He was SO round ’round the middle! 😀 I think he lived next door, but for some reason, he loved our house! And he always came in the evening. 😉 LOL. It was fun.

    Ahh, sounds like the petting zoo was full with little cuties! 😀 What kind of duck was there?

    By the way, thanks for the pictures! I loved looking at them. 🙂

    • That’s funny about the wandering pig! 😀 I don’t know my duck breeds very well but I think one was a male mallard and the others were Indian Runners, because they seemed to stand very erect to me. I guess I should have asked. 🙂

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