Livestock trailer – before and after

Okay, so here’s the before pictures:

Outside 'before'

Inside 'before'

A little info before I show you the ‘after’ pictures.  Try not to look down.  😉  This livestock trailer was bought by my hubby (then boyfriend) in 1983 from an old man named Mr. Hay.  It’s true, that was his name. Ever noticed how a person’s name suits their profession?  Anyway, it was a single horse trailer at the time.  Sometime in the late 80’s, early 90’s, hubby change it to a 2-horse trailer by cutting and expanding it.  The last time we used it was… mmm… 2000? when we had pigs.  It’s been sitting out on the ‘back 40’ since, hence it’s appearance. 

The floor was completely rotted through, the paint was peeling terribly.  That’s me in the pic.  I knew it wasn’t going to look beautiful when we were done but honestly, that’s not the point anyway.  We need a livestock trailer that is  solid and reliable.  That’s all.  I think that is about all we got… lol  Here’s the ‘after’ pictures:

Outside 'after'

Inside 'after'

The bones of it were good. Hubby installed a ‘new’ oak plank floor and reinforced the walls.  I painted it and we fastened a tarp on the top.  Not shown are the doors on the back and how hubs added reiforcements there as well.  A lot of time spent… too much maybe?  But it’s ready to haul whatever we’re ready for.  I told hubby it’s better but it’s a pig with lipstick… looks nice but it’s still a pig. 😆


9 responses

  1. Looks good to me!!!

    As for the fish. It actually is bigger than it looks. It’s hard to see in the picture but it is flipping it’s tail.
    The lake is lovely.


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