Garden update

It’s been a very wet summer in the garden.  It all started at the end of May and just kept raining.  Before the garden could really dry up, it would pour again and then again and again.  The water has taken it’s toll on my cabbage and green peppers which are at the low end of the garden. I won’t get much from them.

As you move away from the low end of the garden towards the higher end, things improve gradually.  Next to the cabbage are the green beans.  The plants are yellowish and small but they have produced a few green beans.  At the far end of the garden are the tomatoes which are doing wonderfully.  The plants are loaded with tomatoes!  I can’t wait for them to start turning red.  All that manure I took time to spread last fall has really helped the garden.

We’re eating lots of lettuce salads with dill.  We’ve had swiss chard, green beans and fresh peas.  Still waiting for the tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and other things to ripen.

How is your garden doing?


One response

  1. My Dad used to love dill in his lettuce salad. I remember after Mom died he would make salad with the idea that if a little dill added flavor, lots of dill would make it better!! We loved him anyway!!

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