Calves and fences

It seems like the more I have to blog about, the less time I have to blog about it. Last time I posted without a picture because my camera was acting up, well I had to replace my camera 😦 Hopefully this one will be as good as that one.

I have pictures of the fencing and the calves to share with you. I went out to the corral to find the calves but couldn’t find them! I called but nothing, so I walked around. Finally I found them. Can you see them? I barely could.

Here’s a closer look ~

They sure are good at hiding.  Usually I call them and at the least I can hear their bells.  This morning I called, “Where are you?” and they both mooed. 🙂  BTW, calves don’t say ‘moo’.  They say ‘maaa’, in my opinion.  I wonder why that is…. hmmm…

Here’s a pic of the fence finished.  In the foreground is the fence-gate we made so we can move machinery, if needed.

And the halter, and bell on the calves I told you about… here’s the pic of that.

Here’s Junior, showing of this summer’s latest fashion.  Blue is IN with the bell accessories.  You can’t go out without. 😀  Red is IN too, for girls. 😉


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