Winter update

It’s been a long winter with just a few things going on. I thought I’d give you some of the highlights.

Christmas was quiet on the farm with just my immediate family. I cooked one of my home grown turkeys and we ate it for a week! So good, though. The new year brought my brother home from Europe. We had a really nice visit, catching up and playing Wii!

We had several losses on the farm this winter. A mink got into the barn and killed 2 of my ducks. The mink didn’t live long to tell his tale, my dog got him! Extra biscuits for Lucy, she’s earned them.

The heifer was down one day. I did all I could for her but in the end she didn’t make it. Doesn’t take a calf long to turn when it doesn’t get up.

The last loss was one of our goats, Cap. She hadn’t been herself before but seemed to rebound. This time she didn’t. 😦 As all my goats have reached their life expectancy, I chalked it up to that.

The rest of the animals seem to be doing quite well. Some of those very cold winter nights were really hard on them. I know they will be as glad to see spring as I will! The hay we got in the fall didn’t last and we had to get another 10 bales. We had to dig out the door into the shed so hopefully they’ll last until the snow is gone.

We have so much snow! Chores are harder everyday. I have never seen this much snow in the goat pen! Where we built the calf shed last fall changed the way the snow drifts. I stopped using the gate into the goat pen in January some time. I’ve been walking up the drift and stepping over the fence around the back side. I broke the water pan for the chickens. It was so cold it cracked. Broke the duck water pan and blew through 4 water pails for the goats.

That’s about it around here. It’s the time of year we all are sick of winter and are just hanging in there hoping spring comes soon.


3 responses

  1. Hello! That is way too much snow for me! We had a little skiff this morning but I think Spring is on it’s way!!
    Did you keep the mink fur? I gues by the time the dog got thru with it, it wasn’t much to keep. Good for Lucy!!

    Patty H.

    • Hi Patty! No we didn’t keep the mink. A few years ago hubby tanned the hide of another one we caught. I lost count of the minks we’ve caught, it’s #4 or 5. It’s the first one Lucy got! They have caused a lot of devastation in my barn in the past.

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