Welcome Spring!

The snow has been slowly melting over the past couple weeks. We have so much, though, that it’s taking time to go. The grass is showing in some places and the snow banks are shrinking.

With the thaw happening, the calf’s shed was getting pretty wet. Hubby dug out the gate for me, which hadn’t been opened in weeks! And he fixed the wheelbarrow tire for me. I love it when it starts to melt but keeping the animals clean gets really hard to do! I managed to clean out the calf shed, I took 4 wheelbarrows out but I couldn’t dump it on the manure pile because I couldn’t get to it. So I dumped it as close as I could. I found out how much I’m out of shape.

The chickens are due for a cleaning out too. They’ve been closed in the barn all winter. But I will wait until it’s warm enough and most of the snow has gone from the chicken yard, so I can let them out. I can’t wait to see how the ducks are going to react to the puddles!

It’s time to start thinking about ordering chicks and garden seeds!


One response

  1. You are a busy person! Thankfully no snow here. We had temps in the upper 70’s today! It is glorious!

    I don’t know if I replied to your question about my duagher, she is due in Oct, she thinks. We are excited.

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