Okay, so it’s not the greenhouse I always dreamed of having. 😀

All these years I have been starting my bedding plants on the living room window sill. Difficult to do now that I have 2 cats in the house. I thought this solved the problem beautifully! And at a minimal cost and effort. I have it sitting on the deck on the south side of the house where it is sheltered from the wind and gets lots of sun all day long. I put a cement block tight against it at the base to help make it more secure in case a really strong gust of wind decided to try to move it. Fairly common here on the prairies. 😉

The vegetables I started are tomatoes, cabbage, butternut squash, and leeks. Herbs: parsley, basil and dill. And some ornamental sunflowers. These are just from seeds I had. I didn’t think I’d be starting bedding plants this year until I found this greenhouse so that’s why I only started a few things. The rest I will purchase for this year. Next year I’ll do more. 🙂

5 responses

  1. I had one the same! It was great for 2 years till the sun perished the plastic. You probably don’t have the same sun problem though….

    • We probably do. The UV can be get very high. It’s not bad this time of year and I’ll only be using the greenhouse until June 1st, then I can take it down and put it away.

  2. Your garden sounds like it will be lovely. I *love* your green house. 😀

    I would love to see pictures of your sunflowers when they bloom!

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