Homemade rootbeer

Yes, I did, I made rootbeer! 🙂 I bought the little bottle of concentrate, the directions were easy enough. Measure the water, add the sugar (I used cane sugar), add the concentrate and wine yeast. It was fast to make but took some time filling the bottles – 52 of them! I bought several cases of these bottles a few years ago in anticipation of the Farmer’s Market. I thought I’d use them for chokecherry syrup or the like. I never did, so they came in handy. The rootbeer sat at room temperature for a week, then at cooler temps for another week. We opened the first bottle last night. I didn’t know if it would be carbonated or taste very good. ~the anticipation~ But it was and it did! It tasted a little different than store bought because I used cane sugar but it was still so good! And fun to do!


2 responses

  1. Yummy! Root beer is our favorite soft drink. LOVE it.

    What sweetener was suggested to use, I’m wondering?

    You did such an awesome job, Marg! 😀

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